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Project selection signage systems

  • Fabrik. Greifswalder Straße
    Fabrik. Greifswalder Straße
    Gestaltung des Leitsystems im Gewerbekomplex Greifswalder Straße 212 >>
  • Juventus – New Stadium
    Juventus – New Stadium
    Design of the signage system in the new stadium of one of the most famous Football Clubs >>
  • Paul Wunderlich Haus
    Paul Wunderlich Haus
    The signage system for the administrative center Barnim in Eberswalde >>
  • Hamburger Kunsthalle
    Hamburger Kunsthalle
    Das Orientierung-System für ein komplexes Museumsgebäude mit einer der bedeutendsten Kunstsammlungen Deutschlands. >>
  • Ehem. Königliches Leihamt, Berlin
    Ehem. Königliches Leihamt, Berlin
    Orientation in a historic building. The former royal pawnshop in the heart of Berlin >>
  • Neven Dumont Verlag
    Neven Dumont Verlag
    The signage system for the press building of DuMont Schauberg publishing. 30,000 sqm office space in the north of Cologne. >>
  • Sparkasse Essen
    Sparkasse Essen
    The signage system for a building of 40,000 sqm. With head office and customer areas. >>
  • Provinzial, Düsseldorf
    Provinzial, Düsseldorf
    The signage system for the headquarter of the Provinzial insurance in Dusseldorf - 60,000 sqm office space. >>
  • Factory Village
    Factory Village
    The signage system for a business park with retail and medium-sized manufacturing enterprises on 200,000 square meters. The Factory Village is a former industrial area with many listed buildings. >>
  • Das Haus am Seestern, Düsseldorf
    Das Haus am Seestern, Düsseldorf
    The signage system for the former headquarter of the legendary Horten AG. 60,000 sqm of office space, logistic and retail. >>